The purpose of the Northern Kentucky Band Directors’ Association (NKBDA) is to foster the musical growth of band and orchestra students participating in the instrumental music programs of the schools in KMEA District 6.

The NKBDA operates in conjunction with, and as part of, KMEA and KMEA District 6.
Membership in NKBDA is extended to all KMEA members teaching instrumental music in a school district or university (public or private) within KMEA District 6.

Though the members of the respective instrumental music programs receive a well-rounded musical and education experience in their respective schools, the opportunity exists through
NKBDA to expand and enrich the development of the musical experience for all instrumental students.
Meetings of the association are for the band and orchestra directors within KMEA District 6 to plan and discuss matters of concern relevant to the schools of the district, as well as the association. This gives the directors a sense of strength and unity through sharing of their common goals, beliefs, and holistic views of the education process.

For more information regarding NKBDA philosophy please refer to the NKBDA Handbook below