District events

Auditions (middle school and high school): January 12th @ Cooper HS

Fee: $5, additional instrument $2

Event Dates: High School: March 14-16, NKU               

Middle School:  February 22-23, NKU

Middle School Audition Music

Solo and Ensemble 2019

March 30th, 2019

Boone County High School

*Percussionists must play the page of music like everyone else, and additionally, should play the excerpt above for the specific instrument they wish to audition for (snare, keyboard, or timpani, or a combination of those if they wish to audition for more than one). 

*Flute players have the option of playing the piccolo excerpt in addition to their flute audition music (same audition, they can just play that music after their flute music)

Select Band 2019

Large Group Assessment: March 11-13, NKU

High School Audition Music